How to order

When you find an item that you would like to purchase
Click on the name of the product.

This will take you to order/enquiry page.

Make your order selection by choosing a colour and/or size
Enter a quantity.
Click the "Add to Enquiry" button

If requiring multiple items please repeat the above procedure.

After you have finished your shopping

Please click on the Red “Enquiry Cart” on the top right corner of website as shown in figure below.

Enquiry Cart

Then your Shopping Basket will be displayed with all the selected items.

Please enter the further information like
Contact Details
Additional comments etc.

After you have entered required information click on the "Enquire" Button.

We will then receive your order/enquiry after which you will be contacted via email or phone regarding your order/enquiry.

Payment can be done over the phone by credit card or direct deposit.